08 July

Hometown Series: Iowa

Continued challenge has a way of turning around and bringing one a great sense of euphoria. From famine to feast; from despair to delight. That's how we feel about our Hometown Iowa shirts right now.  This shirt design was the third in the Hometown series, first created in the Spring of 2017 by Scratchpad partner Jim Healey. For whatever reason,...

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01 July

Hometown Series: South Dakota Tees

Are you looking for a cool shirt to represent your hometown? Check out our Hometown series line of t-shirts, tanks, hoodies, and long sleeves! We are proud of this shirt design and fit as many South Dakota towns as we could. Is yours on it?

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26 June

Dance Gallery of South Dakota 2020 Shirt Design

Like many stories about tee shirts, this one started with a regular contact, graphic designer extraordinaire Melissa of Branch Creative Co., asking us if we might be interested in producing shirts for Dance Gallery of South Dakota, located in downtown Sioux Falls.  The COVID crisis had dramatically impacted their classes, so the shirt was intended to serve as an interim...

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27 March

Celebrating Ag Women: Iowa - Grant Wood's American Gothic House

Now that our Iowa AG BABE shirt is available and selling well 🙌 We want to celebrate a few of the great women of Iowa agriculture... But any conversation about Iowa Ag Babes has to begin with Grant Wood's world-famous depiction of the American Gothic house and the farmer and his daughter standing in front of it. Yes, that's right.. Iowa-born...

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