02 September

Help End Puppy Mills

September is Puppy Mill Awareness Month across America, and we want totell you why this is an important month for us and the great organization wesupport.  Like millions of others, I wasn't aware of puppy mills until about 5 years ago.Reading the Bailing Out Benji website and becoming aware of the horrorsthat exist in these places made me completely outraged that...

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31 August

South Dakota State Fair 2020 - Scratchpad Tee's Vendor

Most of us have experienced the phenomenon that occurs when one seessomething that was first experienced as a child and it seems so much smaller than we remember it. Things seem so grand when we're children and they tend to dominate our minds and memories for years afterward in these grandiose illusions. Years later, we return to the elementary school of our...

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26 August

Hometown Series: Minnesota

While we are very proud of all the shirt designs in the Hometown collection from Scratchpad Tees, the Hometown Minnesota shirt is my favorite. It starts with the shape of the state, carved by the massive Mississippi River that forms its eastern border.    The tall vertical nature of the state fits perfectly on a tee shirt or sweatshirt, and we're very thankful...

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13 August

Unscratched: Our New Clothing Line!

Offering fabulous tees on which the only embellishment is our tiny little logo above the hemline, and offering them at great prices. We've chosen a handful of beautiful garments to launch the line, so check back often to see what we've added.  We love these clothes, and we've chosen them with you in mind. Enjoy!

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