Ag Babe - She Got Game

Ag Babe - She Got Game
Let it be said that at Scratchpad Tees, we are all about women achieving any goals they set their mind to. There are no barriers to fields of endeavor for women, and we celebrate groundbreaking women everywhere. That includes women who hunt. It seems like most of the attention this time of year is on the newest CAMO suit for the guys to hit the marshes and fields, but don't leave the ladies behind. They may not swear and spit like the men (Thank God) but their capabilities have no limits. 
It all started, of course, back when men were the hunters and gatherers while the womenfolk tended to the children and keeping the fire tended. That's all fine back when we were painting our histories on cave walls, but you may have noticed that times have changed. 
Hunting poses one of the profound questions about our existence, as in "what effect does our right to live and take up space have on the world"? Wildwoods and wild animals dispel the importance of our gadgets that rule our modern world. When we head out for the hunt, leaving behind our laptops and cell phones, we are forced to reconcile our existence - a solemn accounting that makes us feel small, and grateful. 
There are now close to 4 million women in the United States, at the same time that the overall percentage of the population that hunts has taken a dramatic dive. Whether it's with a 12 gauge shotgun or a bow and arrow, women are discovering the joys of hunting meat and communing with nature, and more's the better for it. 
Our new tee shirt, entitled She Got Game, is intended to celebrate that development. We made it lightweight and sexy and not necessarily for the hunt itself; more for the game lodge sipping wine the night after the hunt. Whereever it's worn, we think you'll like it a lot. We sure do. 
I'll leave you with the words of world class huntress Jamie Belknap from Spokane, Washington, who writes “Here is a tip for the ladies… DON’T EVER, I repeat, EVER feel discouraged simply because you are a female. No man, woman, child, horse or sheep can ever make you feel less of a hunter because you aren’t a man. Times have changed and there is NO reason females can’t do anything and everything a man can do in the field. Keep grinding, listen to advice, learn from mistakes and fall in love with every experience hunting gives you.”
Thanks Jamie, we couldn't agree more.