Dance Gallery of South Dakota 2020 Shirt Design

Dance Gallery of South Dakota 2020 Shirt Design

Craig BrownJun 26, '20

Like many stories about tee shirts, this one started with a regular contact, graphic designer extraordinaire Melissa of Branch Creative Co., asking us if we might be interested in producing shirts for Dance Gallery of South Dakota, located in downtown Sioux Falls. 

The COVID crisis had dramatically impacted their classes, so the shirt was intended to serve as an interim fundraiser of sorts. It was to be a somewhat straight-forward project, producing one of Melissa’s great designs on black tees, in Toddler, Youth and Adult sizes. 

A meeting with Amanda and Jackie at Dance Gallery quickly determined that we were a good fit for this project. Given that we were heading into warmer weather, I suggested they consider black tanks as well as black tees. We quickly agreed it made sense, and since we would be producing tanks and tees from the same screens, no additional risk or expense was involved. 

As we produced mock-ups and size charts for Amanda to use for marketing, a discussion ensued about how these tees and tanks were going to get into the hands of purchasers. The COVID crisis would likely slow down the purchasers from traveling to retrieve the apparel items at the Gallery. 

Since we ship our online and wholesale orders around the country, I offered Amanda the opportunity to have us ship out the shirts when produced, mailing them individually to the homes of their supporters. 

Jackie quickly put together a wonderful note to thank all the shirt purchasers and we slipped that note into each package. The photos seen here are of the Scratchpad Tees staff spending a wild afternoon sizing and bagging and stuffing each envelope. 

Projects like this are always fraught with some anxiety, since mistakes in the tabulations of sizes and styles can lead to crushing disappointment as we near the end of the stack of shirts, praying that everything will work out. 

After a five-minute panic when it didn’t work out, we were elated to quickly find the final two shirts had been sized incorrectly, and presto, we had a euphoric session of high-fives as the last of the tees and tanks went into the postal packages. 

We really enjoyed working with the Dance Gallery of South Dakota and we look forward to doing more with them. If you have a project that requires a bit of tender, loving care, we’d love to discuss it with you and your group. 

Big thanks to Melissa, Amanda and Jackie for all their help and support!