Hometown Series: Iowa

Hometown Series: Iowa
Continued challenge has a way of turning around and bringing one a great sense of euphoria. From famine to feast; from despair to delight. That's how we feel about our Hometown Iowa shirts right now. 
This shirt design was the third in the Hometown series, first created in the Spring of 2017 by Scratchpad partner Jim Healey. For whatever reason, we just never felt like we got this right. No matter how many communities we added to the shirt design, we always seemed to be missing the ones that mattered most. 
Yes, we kept selling the shirts and they sold very, very well for four years. Thank you to everyone who continued to purchase and enjoy the shirts, but we never felt truly good about the design until late 2019, when we did a painstaking scrub and search for every community of note in the state of Iowa.
Bear in mind that to us, every community means that many more customers who find their hometown on the shirts and "have to own one". Moreover, since our business is primarily wholesale, putting more communities on the shirt meant that our retail partners had more customers as well. Nothing hurts more than getting a phone call from a retail partner who gives us the feedback that an important community down the road from them is missing from the shirt. That one leaves a mark, and we try like crazy to avoid that. 
Hometown Iowa Tshirt
This shirt design is also the first one that included a "hidden gem" in the shirt design, although this one is not that hidden and certainly not unknown. Since putting a baseball diamond near Dyersville, Iowa where Field of Dreams was filmed, we've made it a point to hide something of intrinsic interest in each Hometown design since this one. 
The latest new & improved design started rolling off the dryer last fall, and we now feel pretty darn good about this design, Version #7. There are hundreds of hours spent hunched over a computer involved in this latest version. We're pretty darn proud of it now. We hope you'll buy one and feel the same.