Hometown Series: Minnesota

Hometown Series: Minnesota
While we are very proud of all the shirt designs in the Hometown collection from Scratchpad Tees, the Hometown Minnesota shirt is my favorite. It starts with the shape of the state, carved by the massive Mississippi River that forms its eastern border. 
The tall vertical nature of the state fits perfectly on a tee shirt or sweatshirt, and we're very thankful for that aid with our design. One might quibble about that little land piece that juts north into Lake of the Woods, thereby creating havoc fitting the design on sweatshirts, but it's a small price to pay. Thank you Zippel Bay! 
I like to say - facetiously -  that everything I know about Minnesota I learned from Hamm's Beer commercials. That pounding drum, followed by the opening line, "from the land of sky blue waters" made me instantly curious about the home of Hamm's Beer. And instantly curious about Hamm's Beer, which ain't cool at the age of 8. Well done - marketing works! 
Sure enough, the word Minnesota derives from the Dakotah word for "clear blue waters". From that followed the names of many Minnesota landmarks tied to waters of some kind, including  Minnehaha Falls ("curling water"), Minneiska ("white water"), Minneota ("much water"), Minnetonka ("big water"), Minnetrista ("crooked water"), and Minneapolis, a hybrid word combining Dakota mní ("water") and -polis (Greek for "city").[20]
In spite of there being a lot of long city names in the state, we did manage to squeeze the name of 463 communities onto the shirt. We started with around 350 when the shirt was first released in late 2017, and in the ensuing 3 years have managed to add a lot more at the request (demand?) of Minnesota citizens. We're always happy to get that input, but understand that there are limits. 
We now print this design on tees, including Dark Grey Heather and Heather Maroon and in premium Midnight Navy suede; L/S tees in both standard and Premium suede; lightweight French Terry sweatshirts and a midweight Charcoal Heather sweatshirt; a great tank in turquoise and black, and fabulous CAMO-sleeve baseball tees from Toddler to 3XL Adult sizing. 
We're proud of all of them and quite happy that no one has pointed out a missing town in over a year. You can get a close up view of the communities on our website to insure your hometown made it on there, and we'd love to send you in the near future.