Making Friends, Not Customers: Tuesday Trekkers

Making Friends, Not Customers: Tuesday Trekkers

Craig BrownJul 9, '20

The best part about business relationships is when you complete a project and everyone is satisfied and happy and feeling good about your interactions, so much so that you walk away feeling like you made friends, not just customers.

So it was when the Tuesday Trekkers walked into my life in early May.

Recommended by a friend, I got a call of inquiry from Naomi about producing some shirts for a women's weekly walking group. It sounded intriguing so I invited her to stop by with other members of the group (socially distant, of course) and take a look at shirt samples.

Tuesday Trekkers Group Photo with Scratchpad Tee's Shirts

We hosted 3-4 of them a few days later and they loved the Bella+Canvas tees I offered, as well as some fun French Terry sweatshirts we were currently having a lot of fun with.

They brought hand drawings of what they wanted the shirts to look like, and took an armload of samples and promised to get back to me with their choices, while we went to work putting the artwork together.

It seems that while the city was locked down during the initial COVID scare, they had committed, as part of the Mayor's fitness program, to walk virtually from Sioux Falls to San Diego.

This meant that each of them walked locally by themselves, in order to stay safe, and kept track of their individual miles, and logged totals each Tuesday morning, when they normally walked together.

They had no idea how many days it would take them to "walk" the 1695 miles from city to city, so they would have to get back to me when it was completed, so we could memorialize the walk accurately. We quickly completed the artwork and then waited to see how long it was going to take.

After 57 days of walking, they got back to us with that final figure so we could complete the artwork and print the shirts.

Tuesday Trekkers Custom Tshirts by Scratchpad Tees

A week later, the shirts were done and the women gathered for the group photo you see here. Big smiles all around and great memories shared by everyone involved, including Scratchpad Tees, who felt honored by the opportunity to serve this group and their mission.

As the individual group members kept reminding me....we're all in this together!

At Scratchpad, we try very hard to make shirt printing for projects fun and easy. We love producing tees, tanks, sweatshirts and all manner of apparel for groups of all sizes.

Give us a call, let's have some fun. (360) 310-8470


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