The Concept Behind Scratchpad Tee's

The Concept Behind Scratchpad Tee's
Bella + Canvas changed my life. Quite a statement, yes, but the truth is funny that way.
I am Craig, the owner of Scratchpad Tee's, and I am here to tell you about our story.
In 2015 I ordered some shirts for the stylists in the small hair salon I owned. Like many business owners, I just needed them to look and feel great, leaving the rest up to a guy I knew who "did tee shirts" for people. And he did them on Bella + Canvas tees and in doing so, he did me a huge favor. From the minute I picked them up, I knew I wanted to be in the tee shirt business. Goodbye hair salon; Hello Scratchpad Tees.
Bella+Canvas T-Shirt
I couldn't believe how soft and fashionable they were, and to this day it is still the thing that gives me energy...finding and sourcing great tees at the best possible prices for all our customers, both retail and wholesale. 
That was five years ago now, and we've moved a lot of tee shirts since that fateful day in late 2015. I have toured the Bella + Canvas headquarters in Commerce City, CA (world-class, as you might imagine) and dealt with many of their people (also world-class), and the love affair with this company and their products continues. While my employees and regular customers will tell you that I occasionally swoon for a new tee (because everyone is stepping up their game these days to compete with Bella + Canvas) I rarely stray too far from the line. Just when I think I'm going to move in a different direction for a new design, along comes a sample from Bella + Canvas that blows my mind and grabs my allegiance again. 
My current favorites include the Bella 3719 Unisex Sponge Fleece hoodie and the new Natural colored tees in their crew neck staple, the 3001 style. We have long waged a battle against white tee shirts and when people see this one, they simply stop asking for them. I love that! 
Bella+Canvas Sponge Fleece Hoodie
The concept behind Scratchpad Tees has always been to produce shirts you wanna wear. It doesn't win us a lot of bids, but it does win us a lot of friends, and frankly that's what we want. For the small difference in price between a standard Bella tee and the junk shirts we see everywhere, we simply can't imagine putting our brand on something cheaper. Bury me in Bella + Canvas!