MO Problems

MO Problems

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Perhaps Missourians are not aware that their state is the #1 state in the country for puppy mills, measured by both the number of mills and the dogs in captivity. You can help to make them aware by purchasing and wearing this bold design from Bailing Out Benji. You got mo' mills, you got mo' problems is essentially the message of this shirt, and the map on the front makes that message emphatic. There currently isn't a "Benji" chapter in Missouri, but we're working on that - confident that once people realize the neglect and abuse going on in these torture chambers, the market will diminish significantly. 

The back of the shirt is a play on the state's nickname, the "Show Me" state. When someone wants to purchase a puppy from a breeder, that conversation should always start with "show me the mommy" to insure the puppy isn't the offspring of a adult dog living in squalor without vet care. Otherwise you may well be looking at mo' problems! 

To help you get this message out, Scratchpad Tees puts it on our favorite tees, the Bella+Canvas super-soft, blended fabric Deep Heather shirts, available in both crew neck or V-neck, from XS to 3XL. Half the money from the sale of these shirts goes to support Bailing Out Benji. Order yours today! Buy two and get FREE SHIPPING!