Respect - Cat

$ 9.50

When Scratchpad began in late 2015, we talked openly amongst ourselves about someday putting the artwork of Shaine Schroeder on high quality tees. We consider ourselves huge fans, along with hundreds of other Sioux Falls residents and more than a fair share of celebrities and art collectors around the world.

Two years down the road, our dream has come true. Shaine’s love of Sioux Falls includes choosing Scratchpad Tees to produce and market a few of his designs on tees, and we couldn’t be more proud. Thank you!

Remember that Shaine paints what is his head; he paints his reality. And while this feline rendering isn’t as surrealistic as many others you might find at, it certainly is as magnetic an image as anything from his catalog.

If you can imagine yourself prowling the streets in this gorgeous and lightweight tee, we suggest you give it a try. It’s available from SM to 2XL and we think it will start a lot of conversations, and there’s nothing wrong with that.