Retired and Living on the Corner of F & U

$ 7.50

Every week, we’re approached by people who start the conversation with the question, “ya know what would make a GREAT tee shirt?” We always listen respectfully and laugh appropriately, but pass on these ideas 99% of the time.

In June of 2018, our pop up shop at Oahe Days in Pierre was approached by an elderly couple who wanted us to print a couple shirts for them. I walked them through the process and then asked what they wanted us to print, and they told me this story.

It seems they moved into a retirement community in Prescott, AZ a couple years ago and arranged to purchase a home on F street, site unseen. They got down to their new home and got settled, but it was a few days before they made their way out to the intersection to learn what cross street they were living on, only to discover…!

I laughed with them over this story and told them we would love to put that shirt together for them. I then shared this story with Jim, our graphic designer, who turned it into the magic you see here.

While you may not envision yourself wearing this shirt, we bet everyone has a friend or family member who deserves one. That’s why we make it available in Medium to 4XL in crew neck Heather Storm. It's Unisex sizing for a generous fit.

We’ve really enjoyed sharing that story and want you to join in the fun. And since we've yet to hear from that couple in Prescott, AZ since the show, could someone make their way over to F & U and let them know we’ve got a couple shirts to send them?