Cats Have Staff - Full Zip Hoodie

$ 47.00

This is a slogan we love and to which every Cat lover can relate. Those who share their home with Cats simply smile and nod when their true station in life is called out.  We don't run the place...the cats do. We're just here to serve their needs, and when their needs are not being served, they have their ways of letting you know about their disappointment. Which makes ultimately getting them what they require so much more satisfying. And then we're all happy. Oh wait, is that manipulation I hear calling? 

Could be, but if that's the way it is, why not do it in comfort? These gorgeous sweatshirts come in great colors and styles, while letting the world know that you're a kept-human. Deal with it. 
Available in 3 fabulous colors, and sizes XS-3XL