Dog Mom - Lightweight Hoodie Sweatshirt

$ 38.00

You're going to love the feel, fit and comfort of this hoodie as much (well, almost as much) as you love your dog!  

And we can’t get enough of our dogs. Big dogs, little dogs, mutts of all kinds. Many women feel the same, and treasure the bond with their dogs beyond all reason.

A wonderful maker by the name of Diane Lanoue is the designer of this shirt. She designed it on these clever wooden plaques that she sells all over the country, so we asked her if we could put it on a shirt. She readily agreed and was easy and fun to work with, so we’re really proud of this collaboration. You can find more of her work under Little Ditty Signs on Facebook or the web.

This shirt was designed with love for those who love their dogs. It is our homage to the women in our lives who choose to be a voice for those who have no voice. Wear it with pride.