Proud to Be a Dog Dad

$ 25.00

Over the two years that we've been selling the DOG MOM and CAT MOM shirts, we've taken a lot of requests for a DOG DAD shirt of some kind. We were never convinced there would be enough sales volume to warrant that investment, but we've come to believe that we're wrong. Yup, we own our mistakes. 

Since I live in a home with three dogs and two cats, I wanted the shirt to reflect how I feel when I take my Springers out for a run or take my Malti-Poo with me to run errands. I realized that I wanted the shirt to reflect my feelings, that I'm proud to be a DOG DAD and there's simply no two ways about it. 

And because I demand high-quality shirts, we put this slogan on a great Triblend Denim tee that is really comfortable and lightweight. Father's Day is coming up, and by ordering now, you'll have that gift all taken care of. Available in Small to 3XL for the DOG DAD in your life.