Mosquito Food Pyramid Tee

$ 22.00

For several Midwestern states, the mosquito is claimed as their state bird. We personally think that honor belongs to Minnesota but plenty of fishermen across the country will swat you for that opinion. 

No matter where you find your favorite breed of mosquito, we all know their favorite places on our bodies. Your ankles, your armpits, your neckline and a dozen other exposed places are good eatin' for these awful little flying machines. So in a sense, we are walkin', talkin' food pyramids for mosquitoes. It is estimated that they have been part for this world for up to 226 million years and that 5% of all the people who ever lived have died from viruses carried by mosquitoes. 

This shirt is designed to poke a little fun at our shared misery, and because mosquitoes are attracted to the heat retained in dark-colored clothing, we've produced this lightweight tee in high-quality light-blue cotton and Natural  in sizes up to 3XL.