Duck Duck Bigfoot Washington Tee; Toddler/Youth

$ 20.00

Everyone knows the children's game Duck-Duck-Goose. The dynamics of this game really never change as one ages, but when we're young it's just a lark. 

Now imagine if that "goose" you picked turned out to be a sleeping Yeti instead? Well, that could change the dynamics of the game pretty quickly, right? One minute you're designating your friends as "ducks" and the next minute you're looking for the next metal table to hide under. Since Bigfoot sightings are extremely rare, it's hard to know what strategy should be adopted. That's what makes this centuries-old mystery so fun. 

We love this shirt design as much as we love this Bella + Canvas Heather Yellow Gold shirt, available in Toddler & Youth sizes. We fell in love with this tee several years ago when we printed some for a dental office and swore someday we'd print a great design on it. Well today is that day, and if you're picked to chase someone down, everyone is going to see you coming. We made sure of that.