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    Lots of businesses can provide you with a T-shirt for your upcoming class reunion or Company picnic. We focus on designing and building T-shirts that people will love the first time you hand them the shirt, and pick your shirt out of their drawer over and over again.

    We want to grab the attention of others with our designs. If the T-shirt we design for your community or company is intended to draw customers to your business or supporters to your cause, we take that responsibility seriously. We want to design and build a T-shirt that will be worn over and over again. We all have a favorite T-shirt, right? We want to build your favourite T-shirt.

    We do shirts with messages. Shirts for causes. Shirts made to advertise a product, service or company. We build shirts that are gorgeous and inspiring, shirts that are fun and playful.

    We call ourselves Scratchpad because we believe in the power of comingling - getting together to scratch out ideas, believing that true inspiration comes out of collaboration with partners in pursuit of perfection. Or at least – a fabulous T-shirt.