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    We would love to make shirts for your company or cause. When someone trusts their branding message to Scratchpad, we owe them the best work we can manage.

    Folks come at us with all kinds of questions about making shirts for their business, many of them about cost and how many shirts they need to order. For the most part, the more shirts you order, the cheaper the price per shirt will be. We’ve done orders of 5 shirts and we’ve done orders of 2100 shirts.

    So let’s make this simple - send your artwork to or and we’ll respond quickly. Give us an approximate number of shirts you want and remember - the screen press doesn’t know what shirt it’s printing on, so if you want a combination of crew neck and V-Neck shirts and sweatshirts - all with the same design - just say so.

    The second factor is the number of colors in your design. One color is very simple and pretty inexpensive. Each additional color adds to the cost. We do both screen printing and digital printing, so we look for the printing method that serves your design and your budget.

    You know we love to print on high quality shirts, mostly from Bella+Canvas. We can do cheap shirts but that’s what you get – cheap shirts that people don’t like to wear. We hope you consider spending a couple dollars more to get folks a shirt they want to wear. That seems to be better for your branding and better for our reputation.

    Here’s some reasons to buy your shirts from Scratchpad:

    1. You want people to actually wear the shirt you give them
    2. You want to wear our shirts but you want your company to pay for them. We get it.
    3. You think cruddy, scratchy shirts are a thing of the past (hint…they are!)
    4. You already have a drawer of cruddy, old shirts at home to paint or mow the yard in. You don’t need any more of those.
    5. We come to you. Tell us you need shirts and we’ll come see you right away if we can. We know your time is valuable. We don’t treat you like we’re doing you a favor by making your shirts. We are thrilled to do two dozen shirts or 2,000 shirts.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

    Feel free to fill out your information below and we'll call you back!