Dogs Are My Favorite People - Long Sleeve

Dogs Are My Favorite People - Long Sleeve

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The slogan on this shirt speaks to the sentiment of many a dog lover. While people are an important part of our lives, it is our dog(s) that truly hold our heart. No drama, no spin, no emotional meltdowns, just love expressed relentlessly and consistently from our dogs. 

So why not wear that sentiment on your chest? Don't worry, your family and friends will almost certainly understand. And if they don't, your dog won't judge you harshly. 

Available on our favorite tee, the Bella+Canvas Dark Gray Heather blended fabric shirt, available in crew and V-neck, as well as the best long-sleeved tee on the market, Bella's scrumptious long-sleeved tee. A significant portion of the proceeds will be donated to Riley's Rescue of Chicago, whose dog rescue operation deserves our support.