Hometown North Dakota; Baseball Tee Envy Green

Hometown North Dakota; Baseball Tee Envy Green

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Well, it had to happen, right? We designed our Fargo Theater shirt and it's selling well. But for the folks who grew up outside of Fargo, the cupboard was bare. If you grew up in Bismarck (the capital) or Grand Forks (UND), there were plenty of places to shine. But what if your roots were in Casselton, Carrington or Crosby, North Dakota? What if your folks still live in Grafton, or Garrison, ND?

You'll find them all on our Hometown North Dakota Baseball Tee, available in sizes Small to 3XL, in Premium Heather/Envy Sleeves. 

We weren’t sure how it was going to turn out, since the outline of North Dakota isn’t well….real interesting? Florida it ain’t - we can all agree on that, right? But darn it if Jim didn’t nail it, and turn out a very interesting map of North Dakota cities. Now we argue about which Hometown shirt is better, South Dakota or North Dakota - as if these two populations need one more thing to argue about?