Hometown Oregon

$ 25.00

 Oregon is the eighth state to be blessed with one of our Hometown series shirts. It's also very likely the coolest state to blessed with this distinction. So far. 

No state's name is so consistently mispronounced.  It isn't OreGON like Hexagon. It's Oregon, like born-to-run. So the next time you hear someone mispronounce it, bet money they've never been there, cuz if you go there and mispronounce the name, you're going to hear about it. Count on it. 

The inspiration for the color is based on the state flag of Oregon. Only deep Navy would suffice for a state that is home to the deepest lake in the nation, Crater Lake. Only deep Navy would suffice for the state home to contemporary jazz bassist extraodinaire Esperanza Spalding, and to the coolest band of the 60's, Paul Revere & The Raiders. 

And of course, no talk of Oregon is complete without a nod to Portland, simply the coolest metropolitan area in America. Texans may want to keep Austin weird, but Portland invented weird. Spend a week there or a month there and you'll be agreeing with us...Portland simply rocks. 

Super soft Navy shirts available Small to XX-Large. Get yours today.