Lake Madison Tank

$ 20.00

It only makes sense for a county called Lake to have several prominent lakes as the foundation of the community and culture, of which the most compelling is Lake Madison.

Lake Madison is bordered by Lake Herman (not on our shirt), and by Long Lake and Round Lake (which are). We’ll save you a trip to the long-ignored globe in your son’s room. Round Lake is round and Long Lake is long, got it?

This recreational area absolutely rocks in the summertime. If there is a Party Town U.S.A. in South Dakota outside of Sturgis in August, this is it. It’s what inspired us to create an homage to the place, citing several landmark resorts and fun spots around the lake, as well as some inspired by history.

One example is the Grandview Ballroom at the north end of the lake. The Grandview replaced the Lake Madison ballroom, which burned to the ground in 1975. The latter was inducted into the South Dakota Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 2018, and rightfully so, for it stood on the same spot as the legendary Lake Madison Chautauqua, where thousands gathered in the early 20th century, before the internet.

We placed this great design on a wonderful Turquoise color-blocked tank, so you’ve got lots of ways to connect with the lake. This design represents over a hundred hours of design work and consultations back and forth with Lake Madison dwellers. We’re quite proud of it. Party on, dude.