Living The Dream Tee; Upper Peninsula

$ 24.00

By nature, the folks at Scratchpad Tees are optimists. We've needed that inherent trait throughout 202 and look forward to 2021 with renewed faith, and hope you do as well. That got us thinking about ways to express that optimism and resulted in this shirt design. We localized it with the addition of state names because we believe it's possible to live your dreams wherever you are.

Dreamcatchers come in all shapes and sizes. Traditionally they were handmade willow hoop and often hung over an infant's cradle as protection. In the last 50 years, they came to symbolize unity among Native American Tribes. We honor both those traditions and hope that we can all catch our dreams in the days ahead.

Available in adult sizes up to 3XL. All are 100% ring spun cotton, produced with love and hopes for a brighter future.