Nebraska By the Numbers - Short Sleeve

Nebraska By the Numbers - Short Sleeve

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Nebraska is another in the list of thirteen U.S. states that numbers its counties and applies those numbers to its license plates, giving Nebraskans something else to keep them busy while they prowl the I-80 freeway.

We had to blink twice when we saw the size of Cherry County in the northwestern part of the state, cuz it's a whopper and it dominates the landscape (and the shirt). Cherry is almost 6,000 square miles huge. But we could barely get the name of Sarpy County on the darn shirt, with its 238 square miles. Part of that whole Nebraska diversity thing we like so much.

McPherson County is the 32nd least populated county in the entire country, and most of the first 31 are in Alaska or West Texas. McPherson boasts only 24 people per square mile. Likely has thousands of cattle, but not a lot of folks.

This is the kind of thing that gets folks talking, and we like building shirts that do that. If you're from one of the 93 counties in Nebraska, we think you ought to own this shirt. You'll be happy when you get it. It's soft-washed, garment-dyed 100% cotton in a Midnight color, and it sure is comfortable. Available in Small to 3XL sizing too!