Say No to Pet Stores Tank Top - Heather Mauve

$ 22.00

The new shirts from Bailing Out Benji expresses the foundational perspective of the organization...that as consumers we have choices to make about where we shop and whom we choose to support with our dollars.

If you shop at a pet store that offers dogs for sale, it is highly likely you are supporting a store that - in turn - supports the puppy mill industry. We ask you to stop shopping at those stores and just as importantly, tell them why you won't spend money there. Be the change you wish to see in the world. 

They will likely protest that they don't get their pups from a puppy mill. And just as likely, they have absolutely no idea where their puppies come from...because they do their purchasing from dog brokers. These brokers roam the country with wire cages picking up puppies by the dozens from - you guessed it - puppy mills hidden from prying eyes in the foothills of Iowa and Missouri and many other states. None of the people involved in this horrid trade give a hoot for the pups, only the profits. 

So buy this shirt to support the efforts of Bailing Out Benji, and let the world know how you feel about pet stores that sell dogs and cats. There are many reputable places to purchase dog food and supplies. Don't give your money to people involved in the supply chain that supports the puppy mill industry. Thank you!