We would love to make shirts for your company or cause. When someone trusts their branding message to Scratchpad, we owe them our best work.

Folks come at us with many questions about making shirts for their business, many of them about cost and how many shirts they need to order. For the most part, the more shirts you order, the cheaper the price per shirt. We’ve done orders of 5 shirts and we’ve done orders of 2100 shirts. 

So let’s make this simple - start by sending your artwork to and we’ll respond quickly. Give us an approximate number of shirts you want and remember - the screen press doesn’t know what shirt it’s printing on, so if you want a combination of crew neck, V-Neck shirts plus tanks and sweatshirts - all with the same design - just say so. 

The second factor is the number of colors in your design. One color is very simple and relatively inexpensive. Each additional color adds to the cost. We do screen printing, heat transfer, and digital printing, so we look for the printing method that serves your design and your budget. 

Feel free to fill out your information below and we'll call you back!