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Since launching in May of 2016, we've learned a whole lot from our customers. You've helped us become better at what we do and our appreciation for your input and ideas runs deep.

We're here to help you find the shirts you need, whether it's 1 or 1000 of them. We value every purchase you make from us. Happy shopping!


We strive to create the best and most affordable solutions for your business and your budget

Whether it involves 6 custom tees for a new mobile detailing service in rural South Dakota or producing 300 volunteer shirts for Feeding South Dakota, we love working with organizations and their representatives to create something fun and above all, special for your co-workers.

We take pride in pointing out how and where you can save money and create flexibility for your project. We produce apparel by whatever production method makes the most sense, so screen printing, digital production or screen-printed heat transfers, we'll let you know what the best solution is.

We highly encourage you to make an appointment to come by our showroom and take a look at the many shirts and fabrics available there, while getting to know our small but passionate staff of team members.

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We're here to help you get the results you want for your custom projects. With today's advances in technology and applied heat transfers, stunning detail and brilliant colors are a snap!