Whether it involves 6 custom tees for a new mobile detailing service in rural South Dakota or producing 300 volunteer shirts for Feeding South Dakota, we love working with organizations and their representatives to create something fun and above all, special for your co-workers. We know it's a huge challenge trying to please everyone on your staff, and we keep that in mind throughout the process.

We know you're likely to have lots of questions about the shirts and about the process of creating those shirts. At all times, we strive to create the best and most affordable solutions for your business and your budget. We take pride in pointing out how and where you can save money and create flexibility for your project.

We produce apparel by whatever production method makes the most sense, so screen printing, digital production or screen-printed heat transfers, we'll let you know what the best solution is.

We'll do our best to communicate clearly and promptly with you to make the process work smoothly. Give us a try. We really would love to help you out.


1. Envision what the final product might look like

2. Assemble the lettering and/or graphics (logos!) you want on the shirts

3. Determine who the target audience is and the message you want to send

4. Send us a brief explanation and graphics files to

5. We’ll respond as soon as possible and offer as much guidance as we can.

6. We communicate a LOT by email because it’s easy to send you mock ups and shirt bids. Most importantly, don’t leave us voice mail.

We highly encourage you to make an appointment to come by our showroom and take a look at the many shirts and fabrics available here, while getting to know our small but passionate staff of team members. Give us a call today! (360) 310-8470


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