Hometown Iowa - Long Sleeve

Hometown Iowa - Long Sleeve

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There’s a lot to like about Iowa. Most folks think they know Iowa after watching Field of Dreams, and they wouldn’t be too far off, but there’s a whole lot more to it than Dyersville.  Iowa is more about ethanol and insurance and education than anything else, but don’t ask anyone in a seed corn cap cuz they’ll tell you it’s all about agriculture. It’s about a whole lot of things.

It is about fairs too, meaning state and county fairs. They throw one helluva party in Des Moines at the State Fair every August and the other 98 counties in the state try to step up to that. And they are inordinately proud of that bike race every July called RAGBRAI, an acronym for Register’s Annual Great Ride Across Iowa. That would be the Des Moines Register and it is 7 days of riding, spitting, groaning, sleeping and hooking up while earning a Tee-shirt.

Hey, speaking of T-shirts, find your hometown on this one and buy it. Then buy one for each member of your family. Available in Small to 3XL. Can’t call yourself a Hawkeye without one! Comes in a beautiful Bella canvas Dark Gray Heather with cream ink. Lightweight for those hot summer days, but heavy duty enough for plenty of hayrides.