Hometown Wisconsin - Long Sleeve

$ 27.00

Our Hometown Wisconsin shirt is our 9th in the series, and we're pretty excited about it for a number of reasons. It was inspired by the flag of Wisconsin, which is deep Navy blue with white embellishments, matching our tee to a tee. And we're really fond of cheese, so we hoped that producing a shirt for the state might give us opportunities to imbibe more of this flavorful goodness. 

We've spent our entire lives thinking that the Wisconsin Badgers athletic teams were named for the 11 species of the short-legged nocturnal omnivores that roam many western and central states in the U.S. Through our research we learned that the early lead miners of the 1800's used to burrow deep underground for shelter on cold Wisconsin Territory nights and those men were dubbed "badgers". Who knew?

For a deep Navy blue or a Badger Red shirt, there's nothing cheesy about the long and short sleeve tees we've chosen, a 100% ringspun cotton shirt of great comfort and durability. Find your hometown on the shirt, purchase one for every member of your family and sing "On Wisconsin" while putting the shirt on for the first time. You'll be glad you did!