Wyoming Bucking Bronco Flag-Short Sleeve Tee Shirt-Cool Blue

$ 24.00

Any state whose motto is Equal Rights deserves one of our flag shirts, okay? Admittedly we don't know a lot about Wyoming, a state we've driven through FAST on several occasions but a state we're rather fascinated by. The state with the smallest population in the U.S. draws more than 6 million visitors a year, mostly to a few places you've probably heard of called Grand Teton National Park, Devil's Tower National Monument and this spot along the road called Yellowstone National Park, the first national park in the nation. 

We're also fascinated by its history and politics. In spite of its current reputation for conservative politics, it was also the first state in the Union that extended women the right to vote, way back in 1869, 41 years before passage of the 19th Amendment. It was also the first state in the country to elect a woman as governor. That would be Nellie Tayloe Ross in 1925. Their state coin is the Sacagawea dollar, a golden thing of beauty for sure. And it's hard to argue with their choice of a state insect. That would be the famous Sheridan's green hairstreak butterfly. 

The butterfly didn't make it onto our shirt but the state emblem of a Bucking Horse and Rider certainly did. In every conceivable churning, twisting pose imaginable. We'll let you guess what their state sport is. 

The inspiration for this great color scheme of this shirt design is, of course, the state flag of Wyoming. The blue on the flag is intended to represent the spacious skies and distant mountains spread across the state. Cool Blue is also viewed as a symbol of fidelity, justice and virality. Case closed. The shirt comes in either short or Long sleeve, and there's a gorgeous Indigo hooded sweatshirt with contrast drawstrings to complete the set. We really think you need all three to properly show off your love for Wyoming but we aren't about to complain if you purchase them one at a time. 

Saddle up, Cowboy.